Friday, 1 January 2010

Outside the chicken coop

I had to start this blog with my delightful girls. I let them have a free range of the garden this morning while I did a few jobs, then I realised how quiet they were. This, as it is with many animals usually means they are doing something they shouldn't, but when I discovered them, I had to take it all back. They had made their way to the warmest, most dry area of the garden and were happliy taking a dust bath in the January sunshine. It was a delightful sight to see.

So now we start a new year inside the chicken coop - and out of it! I am using this opportunity to make you aware of my new blog which is a bit more general than this one. If you care to take a look the address is
Happy New Year everyone


  1. Sometimes takes a day for a new blog to be up and running, but will keep looking..hugs..