Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Wee Haggis!

Are the Hens eggs getting stranger every day? After my last post I do wonder what will turn up next but getting a closer look I think that's a wee haggis inside the chicken coop! Wonder how that got there!

Happy Burns Night everyone!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Natural Magic

'Whoa! Look at that egg! Did you lay it?'

'You must be joking, look at the size of it. I am very proud of my large eggs but that must be XXL'

'OMG it's changing colour now!'

'And again, this is scary'

'Shall we try to hatch it out?'

'No leave it, we don't know where it's come from, or what's inside.'

'But it's magical, we could be out of business if more of these turn up. Who would want our eggs when there are ones like this around? We can't compete with that!'

'Yes we can. Every time we lay an egg, there is a little bit of natural magic going on inside this chicken coop.'

'We should be proud every time we lay an egg - size and colour doesn't come into it.

Wishing everyone a happy and very magical year from Inside the Chicken Coop!