Saturday, 28 August 2010


"Excuse me ladies, I wondered how you feel about the Auto-Tune machine on X Factor?"

"Well, we think it's cool, but then we can't sing."

"I think it's appalling, I'm a serious artist, I certainly do not need or desire a machine to meddle with my voice."

"I think it's shocking too."

"I mean to say, it's not like we need any tricks to get us to perform well!"

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A fairy egg?

I know there will be a very clear and logical explanation as to why one of my girls has laid the smallest egg I have ever seen from a hen, which is no bigger than a ten pence piece. However, I like to think they laid this one with a very special customer group in mind!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Touch Typists

Who needs Paul the Octopus when you have chickens that can type?

The girls were most impressive with their keyboard skills when I gave them a typing test. They are much more flexible with their keyboard techniques than us humans and use whatever method they are comfortable with to hit the keys. I reckon they reached at least 90 wpm with a little encouragement from a very special keyboard that would not be to everyone's taste!

The amazing thing was that they even seemed to be happy if they were reading it up-side-down! How clever is that?

I wondered that as they are much more intelligent and far quicker typists than myself, I may get them working on my next novel!

Or maybe, they will want to write their own 'chick lit' best seller. They would certainly have enough material to work with inside and out of the chicken coop.