Monday, 21 February 2011

Better than an Oscar!

I was able to give the girls some wonderful news yesterday when I was honoured to receive a 'Gold Framed Dog Blog Award'!

These wonderful awards are given out by Penny, a very special little Jack Russel who guest appears on one of my fellow blogger's wonderful and thought provoking site Klahanie on

She gave out this award to celebrate the love and respect for the beautiful animals that share this planet and give us every day, pure and unconditional love. My hens certainly do that and I was thrilled to be the recipient of one of these awards.

They bring me so much joy and laughter, purely by letting me share their world inside the chicken coop. They ask for so little but give me a massive return - not only by their adorable company but eggs nearly every day and the motivation to write about them!

Who needs an 'Oscar' when there are awards like this around?

Monday, 14 February 2011

Clucky in Love!

'Whoohoo! I got a Valentine card! Wonder who it's from?

'I got roses, how romantic is that? I can't see a message anywhere though. I wonder who sent them?

'Yum! Stuff the romance! You can't eat cards or roses and I dont care where they came from - just give me chocolate!'

Happy Valentine's Day from Inside the Chicken Coop!