Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Book worms?

I am sure the hens have been reading my book again. In particular - Chapter 7 'Cosy coop' page 61. They refused to come out this morning for their breakfast, I was getting quite worried. Then as soon as I spread a carpet of warm shavings on the floor, they emerged immediately.

Little madams! I shall have to review their library.


  1. Oh lovely but to be honest Di I can't say I blame them after all they are quite discerning ladies - that's the way you've brought them up.

    All of you stay safe and warm xx

  2. No, I'd don't blame them either, sensible ladies all.


  3. You only have yourself to blame, Di! They expect the best from the best!

    Julie xx

  4. That's typical hens ruling the roost.

    They obviously like being pampered.

    Best wishes


  5. My girls also refused to venture forth in the snow this morning until I'd cleared the drifts, put out warm water for them to drink and presented a whole cabbage and some sunflower seeds.

    Who's in charge? They are!!