Saturday, 30 January 2010

A friend in need

The little fairy was so fed up of the snow. She was so cold as she sat staring into the icy white garden.

The Easter Bunny was too. The snow had fallen so heavily, it had covered his eyes and ears so much that he couldn't hear or see anything.

So the flower maiden made a wish. She wished for nature to take it's course and for their friends, the little hens to help them.

The little hens came out of their coop, and with the help of the winter sunshine, they pecked away at the snow that surrounded the Easter Bunny until he was free and he could see and hear again.

Then they pecked the snow away from where the little little fairy was sitting. Now her feet were warm and she could enjoy the the winter sun on her wings.

And for being so kind to others, the little hens were rewarded with their favourite treat.


  1. Greetings Diane,
    What a wonderful story with such lovely photographs.
    Your writing is truly magical and I'm very glad to have discovered your special blog. The little fairy, the Easter bunny, the flower maiden and some kind little hens. Magic...
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  2. Hello Gary
    Glad you liked it, we are surrounded by so much magic in the most simple things, so happy you can see it too.
    Best wishes

    Hi Sue, I am sure the Easter Bunny will hop over to Clunbury, if he doesn't get lost in the snow.!

  3. Our chickens love the woods too. Pretty hens!