Monday, 31 October 2011

Scream if you dare!

"Hey, look at this place, it looks interesting."

"I think we should go in."

"Not sure about this, it says 'KEEP OUT."

"Rubbish, I will go in! No body scares me! "

"What's that noise? I can hear something coming!"

"Here we go again Blodwyn - more spooks trying to scare us."

"We'll show them - BOOOOH!!

"Aghhhhh, that's so scary! Did you see that? It went for me and the other one ate a whole worm in one go! I'm off."

"That's better now we can get on with with our fun without all these silly spooks trying to enter our coop"

Sunday, 23 October 2011


'Girls, I need to talk to you about something very important.'

'What is is it? Are you doing another crazy blog and want us to take part?'

'No, it's more important than that. We are going to adopt some hens. Ex Battery hens, they will need a lot of love and caring for, I need you to help me.

They will not look like you or behave like you. They will not have feathers and they may not be able to walk and talk as you do, but I want you to accept them as you would any other hen. We need to work together to make them happy when they come to their new home.'

'Oh fab, this sounds good, new sisters!'

' I want to play football with them.'

'I shall give them beauty tips.'

'But hold on, where are they going to live?'

'Here, I need to make sure they are OK before you all get acquainted, you will be able to get to know each other slowly this way, and you can natter over the garden fence to each other.'

'Oh that's a cool little coop, we will come and visit them, perhaps we will invite them round to us some time.'

'Yes, we will, I can't wait to meet our new additions. The door is always open to any friend - inside the chicken coop!'