Saturday, 30 January 2010

A friend in need

The little fairy was so fed up of the snow. She was so cold as she sat staring into the icy white garden.

The Easter Bunny was too. The snow had fallen so heavily, it had covered his eyes and ears so much that he couldn't hear or see anything.

So the flower maiden made a wish. She wished for nature to take it's course and for their friends, the little hens to help them.

The little hens came out of their coop, and with the help of the winter sunshine, they pecked away at the snow that surrounded the Easter Bunny until he was free and he could see and hear again.

Then they pecked the snow away from where the little little fairy was sitting. Now her feet were warm and she could enjoy the the winter sun on her wings.

And for being so kind to others, the little hens were rewarded with their favourite treat.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Chicken Therapy

"Oh no, I've got a windmill for a head".

This is a classic photographic blunder, but I decided to keep it as it made me laugh. The girls enjoyed this morning being out on grass again after the snow covering it for nearly a month, and it certainly cheered me up. I needed it.

Earlier on this morning, I discovered my two poor little fish had died , frozen in their pond, their little bodies completely encapsulated in ice. I felt so dreadful, that I couldn't do more to prevent it, I had even built a sort of green house to try and thaw them out quicker, but on speaking to my mom, hers had died too. It's certainly been a cruel winter for some animals. Nature can be so harsh sometimes and this weekend it seems to be my poor animals who are suffering.

Still, the girls were in high spirits so it really lifted me, just being out in the garden with them and watching them take so much pleasure in the simplest things made me feel better.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Book worms?

I am sure the hens have been reading my book again. In particular - Chapter 7 'Cosy coop' page 61. They refused to come out this morning for their breakfast, I was getting quite worried. Then as soon as I spread a carpet of warm shavings on the floor, they emerged immediately.

Little madams! I shall have to review their library.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A little visitor

The girls had a little visiter to their coop this morning. The snow has been quite heavy here this morning and I had a hard job to tempt them out to eat their breakfast, but when I dished out warm milk and pasta they soon responded. The poor little robin was flying around like a mad thing and made a quick exit when I opened the door.

The snow even got inside some parts of the coop but I have since recyled some old shower curtains and covered their pen, so hopefully they can stay snug and warm.

Quite unlike myself who foolishly ventured out this morning and had to turn back from going to work, still I am sure I will use my time in a useful sort of way!

Sunday, 3 January 2010


This is how I intend to face 2010! I could not resist posting this picture of Jupiter when he was a young and very happy cockerel. He had the sweetest personality and really seemed to enjoy life, especially when he had a triple wedding with his feisty chicks, Saturn, Mercury and Venus. The amazing thing was that despite his docile manner, he once fought off a stoat or weasel that had got into the coop.

I entered the enclosure when it was still dark and saw a carpet of feathers, a hen missing and the rest of them huddled in a corner. I had to wait for a while until it was light and made preparations to bury one of them. But as I went in to find the body, I could see all were still alive. I found the third hen huddled in a corner of the coop unharmed. It was then I realised that the feathers had come from Jupiter, mainly around his neck which was almost bald. I was so moved to think that this sweet creature had defended his brood and took a bashing for it.

I think this story shows how similar we are to our beautiful animals. Sometimes their life may seem more simple to ours, but I think fundamentally, we are all striving for the same thing - Health, happiness and Joie de Vivre!!

Hope that 2010 brings this to us all, including our feathered or four footed freinds!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Outside the chicken coop

I had to start this blog with my delightful girls. I let them have a free range of the garden this morning while I did a few jobs, then I realised how quiet they were. This, as it is with many animals usually means they are doing something they shouldn't, but when I discovered them, I had to take it all back. They had made their way to the warmest, most dry area of the garden and were happliy taking a dust bath in the January sunshine. It was a delightful sight to see.

So now we start a new year inside the chicken coop - and out of it! I am using this opportunity to make you aware of my new blog which is a bit more general than this one. If you care to take a look the address is
Happy New Year everyone