Sunday, 19 April 2009

Brit-Hens got talent

The Poet

'I wandered lonely as a cloud . . . I'll skip on the daffodils - they don't taste as good as worms'.

The Ballet Dancer

'Such poise - such grace - I'm as light as a feather'

The Disco Dancer

'The 'Birdie Song' is my favourite - I'm such a funky chicken!'

The Contortionist

'If you're flexible - flaunt it!'

The Circus Act

'Ive got the balance - I just need to work on the height now'

The most intelligent hen in the world

'I can read. This book is great, well worth buying'

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Magic

'Phew, I'm shattered! That's been a very busy Easter. I need a rest now'

'Excuse me! We do all the hard work! We lay those eggs every day so that you can deliver them and YOU get all the praise!'

'Yes, but I'm magical. In my role as the 'Easter Bunny', I only have Easter time to get those eggs out and delivered. I'm just like Father Christmas - I work on a very tight schedule and I'm under a great deal of stress'.

'Boring' - You're away with the faires'

Look at this!

'As well as being a mean, lean , laying machine - I can make my head dissapear - any time - any where - any place. Now that's magic!

'OK, yeah that's pretty cool. You're one magical chick. I'm going to chill out now and leave it until next year before I enter any more competition.

Friday, 10 April 2009

The Eggs Factor

I think my girls must have the 'Eggs Factor'. They have been so productive the last few weeks by laying eggs every day for me. I decided to do something a bit different with them.

I made a hole in the egg with a large needle in the top and the bottom and blew the egg so I was left with an empty shell.

I secured a rubber band onto a piece of matchstick, then put it into the egg and started to decorate them.

For this one I wrapped rubber bands around it then soaked it in strong cold tea for a day.

For these two, I used stickers before soaking them

And the natural look with a few stars

But then I got a bit carried away and tried to re-create Noah's Ark!

Finally, I ran out of eggs - which is probably a good thing as the animals were getting too large to fit !

Happy Easter

Sunday, 5 April 2009

A little help from my friends

This little book has now sold over 10,000 copies thanks to people like this . . . .

And this . . . .

On Saturday 4th April I attended an event at the Book Knook in Newport Shropshire along with other Shropshire writers. It was a lovely morning and the book shop is well worth a visit if you are ever in Newport.

Simon Whaley ( pictured above) who has written many books on a huge variety of subjects from walking to banking - and loads in between - also attended the event and gave me lots of inspiration to further my writing opportunities. We are both members of Wrekin Writers group (see I get so much help and motivation from this group.

Of course I cannot forget my feathered friends who have been the constant source of my inspiration, and will be in the future.

Branwen - looking very thoughtful