Sunday, 9 September 2012

The road to Rio

Hope doing her 'Chicken-Bolt ' pose  

It has been such a wonderful Summer of sport. Even though the weather has not been great, we have so many lovely memories to look back on during the entire Olympics and Paralmpics which have been held in London and end today. I have loved every moment of it all. I am so proud of our humans and of course our animals in the form of our great Equestrian team with their four legged friends that have gone out there to show the world what sport can do in joining people from all nations and all walks of life. 

My ex battery hens didn't have the best start in life but now they are seriously wanting to progress with their own sporting goals and their Olympic prowess is starting to shine through. Hope, who is pictured above is determined to be the female chicken version of Usain Bolt. She even has her winning pose at the end of the track.

In fact they are all getting very competitive with each other and I realise now they are looking forward to the next Olympics in Rio


Perhaps they could be in the female football team?

Or the Gymnastic team?

Track and field?

What ever they may choose, it's about having a dream and believing in it that counts. It's not just about the Olympics, this applies to so many things in life.  It doesn't  matter where we come from, how many legs or arms we have. How tall or short we may be. How well we can see, hear, touch, speak or walk. It's what we do with what we have that makes us special.