Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Dragon Inside The Chicken Coop

As I did my usual check on the girls tonight, I thought there was a little wild bird inside the chicken coop. They didn't seem bothered by the fluttering of tiny wings hovering above their heads, as quite often small birds get inside their coop, yet soon escape.

As I entered the coop, I discovered that it was in fact a Dragonfly. It was trapped by a single thread of a spiders webb which was hanging from the roof. It continued to fly around in a mad frenzy, still attached to it's silken leash, despite only having one wing free.

I wanted to take a photograph to capture it's beauty, but my conscience took over. I could not let it suffer any longer, as I was not sure how long it had been there.

I felt quite emotional as I broke the tiny strand of web that confined it, opened the door and watched it fly off.

I was amazed that such a large creature could not break free from what looked like an almost invisible strand of Cotton, hanging from the roof of the pen.

The hens, quite unmoved by my actions - continued to tuck in to their supper.

'Nature never ceases to amaze me, and hope it will continue to do so'.


Sunday, 23 August 2009

Cock-a-hoop at Ashes win

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. This is how my 'Barmy Army' celebrated England regaining the Ashes.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Fowl Football

With the Football season kicking off, I have to take my role of managing the 'Magpie Rangers' very seriously. I started off their training by a few warm up exercises, but they were not very willing! When My main striker could not even get on the right side of the goal post, I became even more concerned with how this season would turn out.

But then at least my Goalkeeper seemed to appreciate her role.

Things started to pick up when my main Striker came back on the penalty shootout practice, but then the Goalkeeper roamed off.

She came back, but this looks like a foul to me, she was more interested in the pecking order than saving the ball.

Then the whole team got confused and went into a scrum, thinking they were playing Rugby!

During half time I gave them a talking to, they came back much sharper and focused on the game ahead. I did threaten that they would have to go without corn for the whole season if they did not improve.

And as for my Goalie - what a save! I think they may be in the premier league very soon!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Arty Chickens

You only have to browse some of the country and even city gift shops to see what a popular subject the chicken is in the art world. Paintings, gift cards, ceramics, jewelry and toys are inspired by our feathered friends. Their unique and humorous characters are always portrayed in the massive array of merchandise on offer, and never fail to bring a smile to the chicken lover. I started off by playing around with my camera's special effects and was amazed at the different ways I could capture my beautiful little hens - Blodwyn, Braith, Bethan and Bronwen.
I wonder what the great Claude Monet would think of my impression of Blodwyn in the meadow?

Blodwyn in the meadow

Then I turned Blodwyn into an Andy Wharhol type image


Could this be a Tate Gallery possibility?

Bethan -section image

Then the nostalgic sepia effect


And the old black and white - which is most appropriate for my girls as they are called Magpie rangers and their colouring is black and white.


After the photos, I had to dig this one out. An original 'doodle' by Phylis Blakemore - member of Wrekin Writers and most importantly - my mom! She doodled this cute little cockerel when we were on holiday in Scotland. I treasure it, as she not only created a little character - she gave a little bit away about her self.

Cockerel doodle - Phylis Blakemore

This is an original creation by a young lady I met through my work called Mel Addison. She agreed to paint my lovely cockerel Jupiter in exchange for a copy of my book. You only have to go to the beginning of my blog to see how well she captured him. As he is no longer with us, I feel she immortalised him in this magical picture.

Jupiter - Melanie Addison

This lovely picture was painted by Susan White who is married to our very own Mike White of Wrekin Writers. The subject was a cute little cockerel who we met on our annual writer's retreat last year, near Aberdovey. Susan is very talented and captured this little character so well. We all got to feed him as he was very tame. She created this gorgeous little painting within a few hours, as she does with many of her paintings. I was so thrilled when she gave it to me and he proudly adorns my kitchen wall, along with an entire collection of arty chickens!

Picture of a cockerel - Susan White 2008

I make no apologies for the shameful plug on this one. The little brown hen on this book cover has helped to sell my book 'One Hundred Ways for A Chicken To Train Its Human'. She and all the other chickens I have been blogging about are a constant source of inspiration to me and will continue to be in the future.