Sunday, 3 January 2010


This is how I intend to face 2010! I could not resist posting this picture of Jupiter when he was a young and very happy cockerel. He had the sweetest personality and really seemed to enjoy life, especially when he had a triple wedding with his feisty chicks, Saturn, Mercury and Venus. The amazing thing was that despite his docile manner, he once fought off a stoat or weasel that had got into the coop.

I entered the enclosure when it was still dark and saw a carpet of feathers, a hen missing and the rest of them huddled in a corner. I had to wait for a while until it was light and made preparations to bury one of them. But as I went in to find the body, I could see all were still alive. I found the third hen huddled in a corner of the coop unharmed. It was then I realised that the feathers had come from Jupiter, mainly around his neck which was almost bald. I was so moved to think that this sweet creature had defended his brood and took a bashing for it.

I think this story shows how similar we are to our beautiful animals. Sometimes their life may seem more simple to ours, but I think fundamentally, we are all striving for the same thing - Health, happiness and Joie de Vivre!!

Hope that 2010 brings this to us all, including our feathered or four footed freinds!


  1. Yes, amazing how they defend their ladies. My son's cockerel called Rocky fought to the death to protect the others from foxes, a very valiant bird.

  2. Cheers to joie de vivre and the feistiness to defend what we know to be right and want to keep safe!

  3. What a wonderful post.

    Happy New Year Di.

    Best wishes


  4. What a beautiful photograph and the legacy that Jupiter left is something to be cherished. Lovely post Di xx