Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A little visitor

The girls had a little visiter to their coop this morning. The snow has been quite heavy here this morning and I had a hard job to tempt them out to eat their breakfast, but when I dished out warm milk and pasta they soon responded. The poor little robin was flying around like a mad thing and made a quick exit when I opened the door.

The snow even got inside some parts of the coop but I have since recyled some old shower curtains and covered their pen, so hopefully they can stay snug and warm.

Quite unlike myself who foolishly ventured out this morning and had to turn back from going to work, still I am sure I will use my time in a useful sort of way!


  1. Glad you're all okay. I did think about you guys this morning whilst the snow was falling. It's beautiful isn't it.

    Stay safe and warm xx

  2. Was selfishly thinking about all the years I commuted between Shrewsbury and Shifnal and glad I didn't have to do this any longer, then thought about the postman and milkman and people like you struggling to work - I once hitched a lift to school in the back of a carpet van that made it through the drifts - and then thinking about others, didn't feel so smug any more. Glad you made it safely back home...hugs...xx

  3. Hi Di,I've just sent a comment to you on the your other blog. Forgot to say, you can add photo of your book and picture of Mum with her book on my side bar. Hugs...