Thursday, 5 May 2011

The feel good factor

I do apologise for those of you who have had enough of the Royal Wedding but I think it really did bring the 'feel good factor' to most of the country, in fact to other parts of the world too for those who wanted to celebrate the event.

I think it was sharing with other people and of course my gorgeous animals that made it feel special. I spoke to so many people who were doing various things and it was great to talk about the fun and frolics of the numerous street parties that were being held up and down the county.

The day before we had a dress down event at work in aid of the 26 charities that the royal couple support and on the day I made a donation which covers several animal charities so I was only too pleased to give a little.

Many people that I spoke to howled with laughter when I said I was holding a party for the chickens but why not? Everyone has the right to party, especially when most of the time the news is so depressing and worrying. This was a bit of light relief, even if it was over done a little.

I like to feel that we were all part of history that day. It's like saying you remember what you were doing on a certain date back in history. I will certainly remember sharing the Mad Hatter's tea party with my sweet little hens and hearing the cars pap their horn when they passed our cottage which was also adorned with flags.

It was a wonderful celebration of life and goodwill to others, and I loved every minutue of it.