Sunday, 25 September 2011

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

I am hoping to make some Perry this year from my windfall pears. I spent a few lovely hours in the garden today. As the hens scratched around, I picked the fruit. They weren't interested while I was picking and raking the pears from the ground but as soon as I put them into the barrow they ran like mad and started eating them- little madams! They soon picked out the over ripe ones too that are starting to ferment. I will have to get them up soon before I have drunken chickens to cope with!

Why is it when a human shows an interest in something our animals join in? Usually it's only if there is food on offer though, they never help me clean out their coop or tidy the shed which is full of rat droppings!

Friday, 16 September 2011

The grass (or should I say the glass) is always greener)

The hens have been totally obsessed over the last few days as we were finishing off putting up the new greenhouse. Why on earth they think that the grass is greener inside a glass box with no obvious food on offer is beyond me but they were determined to get in. They were actually pecking the glass at one stage and were not amused by the fact they could not enter.

They watched me with the most peevish expressions as they stood at the doorway as even when it was open they were not quite able to make that final step inside.

So muggins here built them a ramp! Within seconds they were exploring their new see-through play pen.

I'm sure if I had left them in there they would take root. Blodwyn was more than happy to check out my tomatoes and scratch at the gravel I had neatly brushed into place! That didn't last very long.

I guess they are just like us in a way and just like to see to see things from a different angle, though the novelty hasn't worn off yet, every time I open the door, they dive inside only to stare out of the window on the outside again - crazy chickens!