Saturday, 27 March 2010

20,498, plus two more love chickens - that is confirmed

I attended a book fair today which was organised by The Book Nook at Newport in Shropshire. It was a fantastic event and I met so many wonderful writers, it was a pleasure just to be there and talk to other writers.

I sold two copies of my book 'One Hundred Ways For A Chicken To Train It's Human' and felt so excited that someone had picked it up while I was there and decided to buy it. I then went and spent my earnings on two other books from fellow writers that I will be blogging about shortly.

When I got home, I found my post, and a letter stating that I had made royalties from my book.

I am not bragging about this, I just wanted to say that sometimes, you really have to wait for any reward in this mad world of writing.

It has taken me three years to this month to make royalties on my book. I do not think I will never make lots of money from it, even thought I would love it if I am honest! But thanks to my little feathered freinds who inspired me to write it in the first place, and a lot of help from fellow writer Mr Simon Whaley, I have sold 20,498 copies of my book.

I just love to think that many people love chickens!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

I have heard of 'Chick Lit' but this is ridiculous

Just trying to read a book when I get a chuck who loves to read a book!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I can see right through you!

I had to share this picture of my little hens. They were fascinated by this wire egg basket for some reason. I thought this picture shows them as individual little characters, unlike the poor metal chuck in front of them.

Today I wanted to take some photos inside the coop. I sat down on the floor at their level and started to take pictures.

As I was concentrating on one hen, the other three started to walk over my legs without any fear of human contact.

It was so special. I pick them up quite a lot, but that is on my own terms, and they have no choice. They flap their wings and struggle, but today I experienced it on their terms.

It was magical to feel the warmth of such a tiny animal against me, and even better because they obviously felt no threat, or did they see right through me?

Hope not.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Blowing away the cobwebs

I had a good spring clean today inside the chicken coop. Cobwebs and dust had gathered inside their pen over the winter and it was wonderful to get out there and blow it all away in the spring sunshine.

I even had company as the girls are so nosy and like to see what I am doing in their patch.

Do not fear, this post is not about housekeeping - it's about inspiration!
There I was, sweeping out the coop, shoveling chicken poo and laying fresh bedding, when an idea popped into my head for a story. Not just one story but several - I have an idea for a whole series of stories. I had to run to my writing shack ( the shed in my garden) to scribble down my ideas in case I forgot them.

It's not even about chickens, but for some reason my girls weaved their magic and gave me an idea that I have to try.

It's a wonderful feeling when an idea comes from nowhere and makes you feel that it has to go somewhere.