Saturday, 16 January 2010

Chicken Therapy

"Oh no, I've got a windmill for a head".

This is a classic photographic blunder, but I decided to keep it as it made me laugh. The girls enjoyed this morning being out on grass again after the snow covering it for nearly a month, and it certainly cheered me up. I needed it.

Earlier on this morning, I discovered my two poor little fish had died , frozen in their pond, their little bodies completely encapsulated in ice. I felt so dreadful, that I couldn't do more to prevent it, I had even built a sort of green house to try and thaw them out quicker, but on speaking to my mom, hers had died too. It's certainly been a cruel winter for some animals. Nature can be so harsh sometimes and this weekend it seems to be my poor animals who are suffering.

Still, the girls were in high spirits so it really lifted me, just being out in the garden with them and watching them take so much pleasure in the simplest things made me feel better.


  1. I could do with some of your chicken therapy, Di, and I laughed out loud at your photograph, such charming headwear. Do visit me again when you feel like it, and do mention on your blog you are there, so that your friends can find you.
    Hugs and love and more chicken fashions..Carole.

  2. Hi Diane,
    Delightful tales you tell. Although, I am rather saddened to read about your fish.
    The windmill kind of looks like a propeller. Might get a chicken to start thinking about using it as a flying aid:-)
    Your respect and love for the little creatures is indeed heart warming to read.
    With kindness, Gary

  3. Hi Carole
    Oh I will visit, the girls are itching to jump over to your blog again, now the snow has gone, I am sure they will be upto all sorts of antics
    Best wishes

  4. Dear Gary
    Thank you for your kind comments. My girls really did cheer me up. I sometimes wonder if it's a gift or a curse loving animals the way I do as I get so upset when anything happens to them. I wept for most of the day over those poor little fish and am not ashamed to say it. All I can tell myself is that I give them a happy life while they are with me.
    Best wishes to you and hope to see your 'Wee folk' again to cheer me up even more.

  5. Oh Di,

    I am sorry to hear about your fish and those that belonged to your mum.

    If you want another smile visit Paws for Thought. That may cheer you up.

    You have such a loving nature to everyone animals and human alike. Nothing to be ashamed about.

    Best wishes.