Sunday, 28 February 2010

Just around the corner

"Hello girls, are you coming out to play?"

"Are you joking? It's horrid out there. We are fed up of the snow and rain. Even the 'Feather Girls' said it had been the worst winter in 30 years."

"I know, everyone feels the same at the moment, but look at this! Spring is just around the corner. The buds are starting to come out and the ground is getting softer."

"Ok, we will give it a try. I suppose, that veggie patch looks interesting".

"She's right, the ground has started to defrost a bit. I think there is a worm in there somewhere. Bagsy the first one!"

"Oh those are very pretty too, shame they are not edible."

"And those too, but I suppose Daffodils are an important part of Spring, and people seem to love them, they even write poems about them!"

"Oh but having a dust bath in the 'nearly spring sunshine' is so cool, perhaps a little bit too cool, but never the less, it feels good."

"And now I really do feel like a 'Spring Chicken' Yes, I think Spring is just around the corner!"

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Do animals fall in love?

Will you be my Valentine?

A lot of animals pair for life. Wolves, beavers,swans, eagles, some fish and even termites. A lot of other animals take the same partner for life, but do they fall in love? I think they do.

My horse Chad used to live in a field of 25 acres with up to 14 other horses, at least five of them were mares. Chad fell for Lulu, a beautiful little coloured mare, similar in markings to his own. When she was put into a separate field adjoining his, he jumped a five bar gate to be with her. They were inseparable

Chickens do not pair for life, quite the opposite as Jupiter my beautiful cockerel had many wives in his coop, and enjoyed every minute of it. But on the day I introduced him to Saturn, Mercury and Venus, he did what resembled the Michael Jackson 'Moon Walk' when he met his little brood. As you can see by the picture below, he looks all loved up snuggling into little Venus, who was just one of his wives, he loved them all of course.

It was touching to see how he spent time with them. In fact he would not leave Saturn as she spent her last hours in the spring sunshine a few years ago. Why? He had four other hens to keep him busy,corn to eat and worms to dig for, but he chose to sit with this little old hen as she died. I think that was love.

All loved up - Jupiter and Venus

Love is not just for us crazy humans who spend a fortune on St Valentine's day to say 'I love you.' Animals do it in the most simple and beautiful way. Their love is unconditional and uncomplicated, but it is true love.