Monday, 30 April 2012

I spy five little hens!

It was lovely to let the hens out today after the constant rain we have had recently, and even better to discover that I could still keep an eye on them when I am up in my attic doing a bit of writing.  I've never noticed that before as when I get to my desk, I hardly move until I have finished what I am working on.   

Sometimes I prefer to keep them in until I can be with them as I really worry about what they may get up to. Plus the fact that Mr Fox could visit at any time, or my little ex battery hens may squeeze through places they shouldn't as they are so small compared to Blodwyn and Bethan.

I went out to check them when they moved out of site from my window and they were all sunbathing!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

This way, that way.

'Come on, Eggs this way.'

'Oh what fun, really?'

'He said this way, quick, we have to find the eggs.'

'None here.'

'Actually, they are this way.'

'Where? Where are they? There are no eggs here.'

'OK, I reckon Mr Easter Bunny is playing tricks with those little hens. Think I will go and have a quiet word with him.'

'OK Big ears, why are are you sending those little hens on a wild goose chase? They have never had the fun of an Easter Egg hunt and you are spoiling it for them.'

'OK, don't get your feathers in a twist, I was just having some fun. Really, they are that way.'

' I found one, I found one!'

I found two!

'Hope you are you going to share that?

Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

'Ouch! I bet that hurt!

My lovely little hens are still laying like crazy. Think this must be an XXL!