Sunday, 20 September 2009

Time Team at the Chicken Coop

After being out for a few hours the other day, I got home to find that my hens had exposed an entire dinner service inside their chicken coop! Well perhaps I am exaggerating a little, but it was amazing to see that in a few hours they had taken part in their own little dig to find a hoard of pottery that has been burried there for years.

Blodwyn seemed very proud of what looked like an old chamber pot

Over the years they have found quite a lot of stuff, none of it is treasure, but it's interesting to see what they discover. I often find bits and pieces when digging my veggie patch, part of my garden was an old railway which backed onto the quarry workers cottages, so as with many households of the nineteenth century, the rubbish was thrown into the garden and left for little hens to find years later! This is a small collection of their 'finds'

My own little time team seem eager to dig up the past. Blodwyn used careful excavation techniques to unearth this find. I think she would be a valuable member on any archaeological dig!

You never know what's inside or burried under the Chicken Coop! However I am still waiting for them to discover a treasure trove! Keep digging girls!

Monday, 7 September 2009

As Many As Will

I made this little movie after listening to an excellent Folk CD by a band called 'As Many As Will'

I have the privilege of knowing one of the band members - Guy Nutting, who kindly gave me permission to use one of the tracks from their CD - 'A Bit On The Side'.

The track I have used fitted so well with my own happy little band of hens, who appear to celebrate life on every occasion when they are allowed to roam free and enjoy the garden.

The pictures and music capture their personalities - they could even be dancing in the first few images! Then they continue to display their lovely and unique characters whilst enjoying the end of Summer.

If you enjoyed the music as much as I did, you can get more information about 'As Many As Will' at