Friday, 13 December 2013

Who done it?

After well over 12 years of keeping hens, today I got my first double yolk! The joy of cracking open an egg only to find two for the price of one is amazing. I never take for granted how lovely it is to get fresh eggs every day and love to find the range of colours and sizes they produce but I never thought I would see a double whammy like that. Double yolk eggs are not uncommon but my previous hens have never managed to produce one in all of those years so it was a magical surprise today.

I have an idea who is responsible for this treasure today and know that I can rule out Morvah the little white one below. The egg in question was brown and she only lays the pure the white eggs and anyway she is too busy escaping the coop half the time. She was already out of the coop before this egg was produced at around 9.00 am this morning.

So who could it be out of this little lot?


Charity, she was a tiny ex battery hen that used to lay eggs all day, now she doesn't have to and she is growing into a beautiful plump hen. Could she be bothered to go to twice the trouble when there is so much fun to be had in the garden?

Tegan and Tamara the twins. They look like butter would not melt in their beaks but did they hatch out a plan between them?

 Lamorna, she is the biggest of the lot but size is not everything. She is a quite a scary bird with very odd blue feet.

So now armed with your evidence can you crack the puzzle who done the double?


  1. They obviously know you need fortifying at the moment!

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