Sunday, 12 January 2014

As one door closes another one opens ...

It's been quite a year inside and out of this chicken coop. I lost four of my hens this year and when my beautiful old Blodwyn passed away before Christmas I decided that I would start the new year with something different.

With that in mind this will be my last post for this blog.  I have loved every minute of it and want to thank everyone for sharing with me the crazy behaviour of my gorgeous little friends. It has helped me develop my writing skills and inspired me to do other things as well as meeting some wonderful blogging friends.

The good news is that the new brood will be face book stars.

I have just set  up a new page called The Happy Hen.

I thought this would be a fresh new approach and I can update it more often than I have with the blog.

Hope to see you there if you wish to pay us a visit

Thank you and keep on clucking!



  1. Thank you for all the entertaining posts over the last couple of years or so, Diane. Wishing you a Happy 2014 and all the best for The Happy Hen!

    1. Thanks Denise, it has been a pleasure seeing what you have been up to. thanks for your support all these years. Di x

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