Monday, 30 September 2013

New Chicks in the house.

Morvah - the houdini of the Chicken world

 I lost a few hens over the last few months and so only Blodwyn and Charity were left.  I thought it was time they had some friends but it has certainly ruffled some feathers in the Chicken coop.  Morvah the little white hen escaped on the way back and sat on my back seat all the way home.  It was only when I stopped the car that the feathers flew. It was a struggle trying to get her back in the crate to carry her up but in the end I managed to get her in.

                                 Lamorna above is very docile and has already started laying.

Tegan is so pretty

                                            And Tamara, her almost twin sister is too!

The problem in the coop is poor Charity, she was a rescue hen and has showed her nasty side, she is furious at these intruders, bless her feathers!

Beautiful old Blodwyn is taking it in her stride, she is the last of the original bunch (The Pied rangers) Now at eight years old, she is a wonderful old lady. 

So these are the new girls, hope they take to being blog stars as all of their antics will be followed now they are inside the chicken coop! 

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