Tuesday, 30 July 2013

You can't scratch my back but I will scratch yours!

                     Blodwen obviously has the gift of chicken grooming, perhaps she should open a salon!

I witnessed another fascinating scene the other day with the hens that convinces me that chickens bond with each other or perhaps not in some cases.   

Branwen was happily dust bathing when tiny charity (one of the ex battery hens) came up and tried a bit of mutual grooming.  Branwen was incensed, she made the most terrifying growl that sounded like the biggest dog on the block and pecked her.

Moments later Blodwen her old sister appeared on the scene and went straight into the bug removal process with Branwen rolling over like a soft puppy!

Amazing to watch, it was like an elderly lady going into a hairdresser and being faced with the apprentice stylist when all she wanted was her old sister to give her the weekly beauty treatment.


  1. Lovely story, Di, and good to hear from the coop again! I love the way hens synchronise their grooming behaviour, too - one groom, all groom. One dust bath, all dust bath. Just like a hen spa!

    1. Hi Denise, yes they do, I love it when they lie down in the sun and all snuggle together. I will never get tired of watching them.

  2. Thanks for the great tips. I am gonna to add this to our chicken coop kits. The place I found that sells bulk herbs it will cost $245.99 . One ounce of each herb listed. But I like to support the CO local business!