Saturday, 7 August 2010

Touch Typists

Who needs Paul the Octopus when you have chickens that can type?

The girls were most impressive with their keyboard skills when I gave them a typing test. They are much more flexible with their keyboard techniques than us humans and use whatever method they are comfortable with to hit the keys. I reckon they reached at least 90 wpm with a little encouragement from a very special keyboard that would not be to everyone's taste!

The amazing thing was that they even seemed to be happy if they were reading it up-side-down! How clever is that?

I wondered that as they are much more intelligent and far quicker typists than myself, I may get them working on my next novel!

Or maybe, they will want to write their own 'chick lit' best seller. They would certainly have enough material to work with inside and out of the chicken coop.


  1. Hi Diane,
    Aha, did your chickens learn to type from scratch and just peck away at their leisure?
    I'm sure anything they typed out would be far more interesting than, oh, for instance, Katie Price's musings :-)
    Take good care, Gary x

  2. I'm sure they produced an hen-tertaining story with an eggs-celent plot and characters who are all a 'good egg'. You'll have to let us see the finished manuscript!

  3. Hey Di r the girls after our jobs, hope the spelling is eggcellent & I suppose instead of spell check they use chickcheck, their vocab can be quite different to human spelling. Hope your stacking shelves shopping trolley we r all ravin mad!!! LOL
    Love E