Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was delighted to receive the above award from Klahanie, one of my fellow bloggers who was the initial and very deserving recipient of the 'Versatile Blogger Award'.

I also said that I hoped it wouldn't go to the girls heads, but looks like I'm too late as Braith seems to have lost hers all together!


  1. Well deserved, Di! I just love your sense of humour, I'll never forget that dance!

  2. A well-deserved award for you too! Now, where can I find references to "that dance"? Hmmm

  3. Hello OMYWORD!

    If you go into my archive of posts, it's on the May 2nd post (Dance where ever you may be!)
    I made a May pole for my little hens and they were more than happy to dance around it!
    Best wishes

  4. Stunning, Di! I think your chickens could do with some Morris dancing gear too!

    Well done on the award too - may it be the first of many, many more.

    Julie xx

  5. Hi Diane,
    You and the 'girls' were worthy winners of the 'Versatile Blogger' award. I won't use the phrase, 'headless chicken', because that would be way too predictable:-)

  6. Hi Di

    Congratulations on your award! Your chickens haven't lost their heads - they're merely on cloud nine!

    Best Wishes


  7. Congratulations on the award! That is a funny photo!