Saturday, 28 August 2010


"Excuse me ladies, I wondered how you feel about the Auto-Tune machine on X Factor?"

"Well, we think it's cool, but then we can't sing."

"I think it's appalling, I'm a serious artist, I certainly do not need or desire a machine to meddle with my voice."

"I think it's shocking too."

"I mean to say, it's not like we need any tricks to get us to perform well!"


  1. Hi Diane and you talented chickens,
    Quite right. I can imagine you would never need such a machine on your very own talent show, 'The Eggs Factor':-)
    Have a lovely weekend, Gary x

  2. Hi Gary

    They are such talented little girls, I do have to bribe them sometimes though with a little corn, but I see that as a reward for being such clever hens!
    Best wishes and hope you are well

  3. Loved the post, your chickens are very wise!

  4. Chickens don't need auto-tuning, just auto-tweeting!

  5. I am so out of it... x Factor? Auto-tuning? Don't know about those, but I do know you have some very cute chickens that perform well under the pressure of the media recording their every cluck. Cute!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)