Monday, 27 September 2010


I went to Harlech over the weekend and the owners of the guest house keep these lovely little Bantams which I had to photograph.

As I approached the coop I thought I was going mad when I could see a beautiful border collie staring out from what looked like the inside of the coop. Apparently she goes around the back of the pen and sits with them most of the day with no agression or wanting to harm them. If she wanted to hurt them she could easily jump inside the open coop where this one is standing, yet she goes every day to spend time with them.

Her owners said she was not the brightest of collies, who are usually known for their high intelligence, yet I think she shows us humans that it is possible to make friends in the most unlikey situations - just like in the classic novel and film 'Charlotte's Web' where a pig be-freinds a spider!


  1. Lovely story, Di, and such attractive bantams.

  2. Hi Diane,
    For sure. A lesson to be learnt from this. I've even heard of cats and dogs being friends:-)
    Have a lovely week, Diane.
    Kind wishes, Gary