Thursday, 15 July 2010

Calling all chickens

'At last! Something great on telly for us to watch!'

'Why? What's on the box? Is it Chicken Run again?'

'No, it's a cool programme about the private life of us chickens! It's on BBC2 at eight o'clock tonight.'

'Oh dear! I'm not sure I like the idea of that! My life and my space is very private thank you very much, I may not choose to share it with the nation!'

'And mine too! I like to take my dust bath in private! Goodness me is nothing sacred?'

'Come on girls, those humans still need to learn a few things about what goes on inside the chicken coop! We are amazing creatures and our ancestors have been around for so much longer they have.'

'Hopefully they will have have done lots of research and read a few good books along the way before they have an idea of what we are about!


  1. Oh no, I missed that show. Still, I have to agree that you are amazing creatures and us humans could learn so much from you.
    I hope you enjoyed your 'dust bath'. Not that I was looking or anything:-)
    Cheerio :-)

  2. Don't worry Chickens, the 'Private Life of Humans' will be showing on the Chicken Channel next week.

  3. We saw this!! Although we are amazed that it has taking humans so long to realise how intelligent we are. They can be so slow sometimes...

    Mrs Miggins, Mrs Pumphrey and Mrs Slocombe

  4. What a lovely blog. Found you through Gary. I love chickens! Happy blogging.

  5. You have some very smart chickens! Good taste in literature too.

  6. Hi Diane,
    Just thought it only right to inform you that I have bestowed an award to you and your chicks.
    You may claim your award over at my site.
    Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.
    With respect, Gary x