Wednesday, 25 November 2009

One month to go!

I reckon my girls must have the same enthusiasm for Christmas as me! I let them out in the garden for a run in the brief show of sunshine we had this afternoon, but within minutes they were peering into my summer house where I was pulling all the boxes of Christmas decorations out. It may have been the sound of the tinsel or the bells ringing but they were more interested in being there than pulling up worms.

I love this time of year when we start preparing for the magical season. But it's not just the preparation, it's when we all start to want to gather together and do nice things.

I always wonder why only Christmas seems to give us this sudden urge to have some goodwill to others. Some may think it's too early to start thinking about it, but in the spirit of the great Charles Dickens himself, I believe we should keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all the time.


  1. Too true, Diane, although I have to admit that my enthusiasm for the festive season has waned in recent years. I used to make my own Xmas cake and Pud about a month before the big day, and all my own mince pies but just haven't felt the need the past couple of years - I don't know why!

    I've normally got my cards and at least a few of the presents I need to buy by now, but I've done nothing! It's touch and go if I'll get the decorations up by Xmas eve at the moment! My husband is a right old Bah Humbug (he won't mind me saying!) he hates Xmas - so if I don't do it it won't get done. Can you blow some of that special Xmas spirit glitter this way> It might sput me on!

    Mind you I have been listening to the kids at school singing their Xmas songs for their shows and I was humming along. They're all excited and it just bursts out of them - they love to tell me which part they're playing!

    Julie xx

  2. I know how you feel Julie, once it dawned on my kids about Santa things changed and when I discovered that you could buy Christmas in Asda, well the Christmas cake and puds I stopped doing. Also Christmas decorations up Christmas eve, done that before as well.

    Kids do make Christmas, their excitement is catching and I know you will enjoy Isobel's happiness.

    For me, I think Christmas now is magic but not for the tinsel and hype, I'm not religious although I did have a strong Christian upbringing and I still do have a faith. But going back to the simple things (hey I do live in the country) the image of that baby in the manger and those who came to worship but share that experience is very powerful. And that's what Christmas is about to me, sharing with my family and friends. There was no glitter then, I feel Christmas has been overtaken and people forget the true meaning of it all. After all a hug, a kiss, a family meal and a laugh is people coming together.

    Oh God I'd better get off my soapbox. I will buy my son's Christmas presents and we'll all eat and drink far too much but for me Christmas is the service at midnight when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

    And just a footnote, when I moved here the Carol Singers came around and I had over thirty people on my front lawns singing carols and when they'd finished they all said welcome to Clunbury - that to me was sharing and caring.

  3. Julie - I am sure you will soon be sprinkled with the magical christmas dust, especially when Isobel starts to get excited. Tell her to look out for my blog on the 24th December, I am sure you will feel very festive then.

    Sue - Yes it's the community spirit that makes it magical. My neighbour used to dress up as Father Christmas for the childrens party in the village and last year our dial a ride bus driver took me into town in full Santa costume. All these little things make it special.