Thursday, 5 November 2009

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Hopefully there is no Gunpowder or treason within the chicken coop - but there is certainly some plotting! I have wondered for ages how they get out of their run when my back is turned, and the other day I discovered their secret. They get on top of the arc which gives them height and then they fly over. How clever is that? I bet they are plotting all the time how best to get what they want!
Tonight, my little hens will be safely tucked up while all the madness of Bonfire night goes on. I hope all animals are safe tonight.

However, my girls will enjoy the cold ashes of my bonfire which I intend to light this weekend. They love to scratch around in the cool grey powder after a bonfire. Goodness knows what they find there, but they love it.

And while my little hens were sleeping - this was going on!

Have a fun and safe Bonfire night


  1. As ever a very witty post Di, night, night, hugs...xx

  2. Oh Di,

    I hope you girls were ok. Missi hated every moment of the bangs.

    Enjoy your bonfire on Saturday.

    Best wishes


  3. Strange, wrinkly eggs here at Much Malarkey Manor, thanks to the bangs and pops of Bonfire Night. And re: escapee hens, Mrs Pumphrey is a great one for climbing atop the pod to give herself extra height before flinging herself into the air for potential flight. Luckily, she's a big gal and never attains a height greater than the pod itself - all downhill from the launch!