Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Green Cow

One Hundred Ways For A Chicken To Train Its Human has found yet another most suitable home.The Green Cow farm shop is opening on Saturday 14th November in Tasley, Bridgnorth, Shropshire. It's a wonderful outlet for my little book and I was so excited when Sally, one of the owners contacted me with the idea of selling it at the shop.

This place is a must for any food lover. With an impressive range of fine foods from cheese to fish, from fresh vegetables to fresh meat, not forgetting the wonderful selection of pickles and other delicious things to tempt you. It also has a range of of gifts and a lovely cafe area, so would be an ideal place to visit on the build up to Christmas or any time of year.

Sally mentioned that they will be having all sorts of events such as food tasting, demonstrations and even the odd book signing! Fingers crossed that my little offering will go down well.

Wishing the Green Cow lots of luck on it's opening day and for the future.

It just proves that with determination, even during a recession, wonderful things can happen.


  1. Great to find another outlet, Di, and a good one too! Keep looking! Hugs..x

  2. Well done, Di! Hopefully you'll get a lot more sales.

    Julie xx

  3. Hi Carole - Yes, it looks like a good one. I had a little tour yesterday and it looks like it will be a wonderful place.

    Hi Julie - I am really hoping that there are some chicken lovers in Bridgnorth!

  4. Hi, I would really love a signed copy of this book as a christmas present. I live in Bridgnorth so is there any chance of letting me know when you are doing a signing...I will blog a favourable review in return ;)
    Also really cheeky, you have some lovely photo's on here, would you mind me using one as an art reference?
    Best regards