Sunday, 16 August 2009

Fowl Football

With the Football season kicking off, I have to take my role of managing the 'Magpie Rangers' very seriously. I started off their training by a few warm up exercises, but they were not very willing! When My main striker could not even get on the right side of the goal post, I became even more concerned with how this season would turn out.

But then at least my Goalkeeper seemed to appreciate her role.

Things started to pick up when my main Striker came back on the penalty shootout practice, but then the Goalkeeper roamed off.

She came back, but this looks like a foul to me, she was more interested in the pecking order than saving the ball.

Then the whole team got confused and went into a scrum, thinking they were playing Rugby!

During half time I gave them a talking to, they came back much sharper and focused on the game ahead. I did threaten that they would have to go without corn for the whole season if they did not improve.

And as for my Goalie - what a save! I think they may be in the premier league very soon!


  1. oh wow what a wonderful idea and blog.

    Best wishes

    Smiling Fee

  2. I'm not into football, but I think I could get into fowl football - they are really cute players!

    Julie xx

  3. Hi Fee, Carole and Julie,
    Yes they seem to enjoy sport. Perhaps we could have our own olympic games and Julie can cover the story!!
    Love Di