Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Dragon Inside The Chicken Coop

As I did my usual check on the girls tonight, I thought there was a little wild bird inside the chicken coop. They didn't seem bothered by the fluttering of tiny wings hovering above their heads, as quite often small birds get inside their coop, yet soon escape.

As I entered the coop, I discovered that it was in fact a Dragonfly. It was trapped by a single thread of a spiders webb which was hanging from the roof. It continued to fly around in a mad frenzy, still attached to it's silken leash, despite only having one wing free.

I wanted to take a photograph to capture it's beauty, but my conscience took over. I could not let it suffer any longer, as I was not sure how long it had been there.

I felt quite emotional as I broke the tiny strand of web that confined it, opened the door and watched it fly off.

I was amazed that such a large creature could not break free from what looked like an almost invisible strand of Cotton, hanging from the roof of the pen.

The hens, quite unmoved by my actions - continued to tuck in to their supper.

'Nature never ceases to amaze me, and hope it will continue to do so'.



  1. I love Dragon flies too, Di. One flew around me and my daughter on the way to the local shop the other day and she was amazed by it. At first she was a bit scared because it was so big and she was afraid it might sting her. But once I explained about them she was happy watching it. It came quite close too and made her giggle.

    We live near to Horsehay pool and I see quite a few of them. Well done in releasing the lovely creature.

    Julie xx

  2. A beautiful description, Di....hugs...

  3. There are loads of big dragonflies about at the moment. My nephew was enthralled by one as it circled round him whilst I was carrying him on my back!

  4. Hello Diane!

    Have just spent a very pleasant hour meandering your chicken blog!Loved all the photos and I thought the visit to the Wernlas collection was interesting, especially the little Seebright's. Such lovely looking hens!

    Your girls look a lot more tidy than my three who are in various stages of moult at the moment. Ah well, new glossy feathers on the way!

    Denise (Much Malarkey Manor)

  5. Hello Denise
    So great to hear from you, I shall certainly be folowing your blog now. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I have an article in Country Small Holding this month about the Wernlas Collection if you want to see a few more
    Best Wishes

  6. Dragonflies are enthralling. I am glad you released it.

    Best wishes