Monday, 18 October 2010

Harvest Hiccups

Oh fab! Windfall apples, full of naughty goodness. Just look at that rotten one, it's full of fermenting tasty bits.

Yum, I may have to sample one of these as well.

Or perhaps two! Yummy, I can taste the natural sugar and it's making me so happy! Weeeeeeh!

Oh dear! I feel soooo wob-errr-ly - Hic!

Ohhh my head hurts-hic! Ohhhhhhh, noooooo, I feelz bad! Hicc!

Beddddz I need my bed, hehehe!! Hic! Hahah Hic! Oh nooo I'm going to throw up that worm I ate earlier. Sl-eeep, I need sl-eeep.

Several hours later and more than forty winks

Oh that's better, never again! Hmm, well perhaps not until next year. Anyway, I am taking the meaning of harvest quite literally. I shall reap, gather and eat! In moderation of course.

1 comment:

  1. That'll teach you. I have some 'incider' information that it is not good to over indulge in fermented apples....:-)