Sunday, 10 October 2010

And then there were three

Today was supposed to be a very lucky day due to the way the calender has fallen as it is 10/10/10. Unfortunately for me one of my hens died today. I felt so miserable for a couple of hours and I certainly didn't feel lucky. However, on reflection and in the company of the three gorgeous girls that are left, I think I am very lucky. I am lucky to have these wonderful little companions that share my life and put up with my mad behaviour inside their chicken coop.

A comment that Simon Whaley made on my other blog Working2Write, made me see that if I had never kept chickens, I would never of had my little book published.

I had just buried Branwen and was sat on the bench balling my eyes out when Blodwyn (my favourite) jumped up beside me. It was like when a dog can tell you are upset. They seem to sense the change and whatever their intentions are, it usually works, as it did for me. We sat in the sunshine looking out for a while, she was so close I could hardly take the picture below, but it was precious to me. Yes, today I do feel lucky!


  1. Oh,Di, I'm so sorry. But at least Branwen had a glorious life with you. I'm sure you'll miss her. Give those other girls lots of love. Hugs.

    Julie xx

  2. Yes, the loss of a pet is awful, how sad that we can't love without the accompanying tears that follow.

  3. Bless you, Di. It is a very sad thing to lose a much loved hen, but you are right of course - rememberance of all the good memories and laughs (because they do make us laugh don't they!!?)far outweighs the heartache.
    And your hens are lucky to have a caring keeper like you!

    Denise x

  4. Oh thank you all so much for you lovely words of comfort, I know it must sound crazy weeping for a little hen, but I do love them all so much, and yes it's most certainly worth it. The Bitterley three are enjoying the afternoon sunshine digging for all sorts of horrid things!
    Cheers folks
    Di xx

  5. Sorry to hear the news Di. Glad to hear though that the Bitterley 3 are keeping your pecker up though!