Saturday, 12 June 2010

It's party time!

Hey look, our new strip has arrived!

OMG, my bum is going to look so big in that!

Never mind about that! Mr Capello is about to choose his team! We could still be in there girls! Let's get some practice in. We could fly over there before kick off!

Errhh, what do we do now?

Dunno, are we supposed to kick it?

Yeah - right into the back of the net - a bit like that!

It's so distracting though, having all these worms and grubs to dig up.

Ok girls, I agree, shall we leave it to the professionals? Get the telly on and let's get the party started!

Good luck England! Your fans are waiting!!


  1. With fans like that, we're going to win!:0)

  2. We most certainly could have used on of you chicks in goal:-)

  3. Yeah, I agree with klanie - if your chickens were playing, we'd probably have a decent score against the USA!