Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Cat and Chicken

The Cat and Chicken - This could be the name of a pub!
No post - I just thought it was a cute photo.


  1. Hi D
    Well you got a great photo there & action aswell, yes could be a title for a pub but it it also reminds me of those rhymes similiar to the owl & the pussycat etc, try this
    The Cat & The Chicken Met On The Green, The Cat Wasn't Smitten & The Chicken Wasn't So Keen So Off They Went Their Separate Way Thinking Meow & Cluck Cluck I Have Had Better Days.



  2. Hi Diane,
    I thought that it could be the name of a pub when your posting came up on my site.
    Another delightful photo. Now, if only you had a stringed instrument in the photo. The Cat and the Fiddle and the Chicken:-)
    Kind wishes, Gary x