Thursday, 1 October 2009

A mystical time of year

I realise some people dread the end of Summer, but this really is a magical time. I try to see it more as regeneration. I like to believe it's the start of something new and productive, so I plan to spend my time writing and doing just that.

The trouble is, I think the girls are thinking the same thing, they seem to have adopted an interest in my writing magazine. I now wonder if they will be spending the dark winter months inside their chicken coop writing about me!


  1. You're okay Di. They're reading last month's copy! This month's writing magazine should have dropped through your letter box!

  2. Reading last month's mag might be a double bluff ,though. They're cunning things, chickens. Give a chicken a laptop and it will reproduce the Complete Works of Shakespeare in approximately 7 years, 2 months. Or is that Dickens? Or monkies? Is it the weekend yet? Have I spent too much time editing my own novel-in-progress this week??

    I find this time of year 'renewing' too, Di. Perhaps it's because I've got an imminent birthday.

  3. You'll have to watch those pesky chucks don't steal all your story lines, Di!

    Julie xx

  4. Hi Di

    Make sure they don't use foul language in their stories Di.

    Best wishes


  5. Hi Simon - Yes but they may have pinched all my books during the Summer when I have been out in the garden reading!

    Denise - Good luck with your novel and have a great birthday when ever it is.

    Julie - I think I will not discuss any plots for my stories while out in the garden! I bet that is why they keep sitting and sunbathing with me, they are trying to look at my notes!

    Fee - I shall insist that I vet any work that comes from inside the chicken coop!

    Best wishes to all