Friday, 16 October 2009

A cluck back into the past

I took a magical step back in time yesterday when I paid a visit to Acton Scott farm museum. The animals completely make this place, and I was in heaven strolling around the stunning countryside watching all the creatures living side by side ( mostly in harmony ) except for the sheep that kept headbutting each other!

Acton Scott was used for the TV series 'Victorian Farm' and I got to meet 'Clumper' the wonderful horse who worked so hard during the programme, along with some Gloucester old spot and Tamworth piglets.

Below is the old shepherd hut.
This lovely chicken house was full of chicks, with the beautiful Acton Hall in the background, it was a stunning setting.
I Wonder if these chicks are establishing the pecking order already?

These lovely little birds were content to roam about next to the ducks and turkeys.

And this handsome chap kept appearing all over the farm. He was first seen outside the public conveniences!

Then he turned up in the hay barn, later to make his way to the gift shop!

It was crammed full of old farm machinery - an adventure playground for some chickens!

These two were playing tag, but it seemed a bit unfair to me as the size difference is quite obvious . The poor little thing, that huge brute chased it all over the patch.

The geese showed their annoyance as the humans invaded the threshing barn where they were just off to enjoy some corn for lunch. ( the geese that is)

But they went off in a very orderly fashion once they had finished eating, I suspect to terrify some more humans!

I couldn't mention the 'C' word to this one! No oil painting, but amazing to look at.

But when I wanted to sit down for my picnic, I felt like swearing at this lot who made no attempt to give up their seats!

Well worth a visit if you want to see animals living the good life.


  1. I loved this TV series...oddly inspiring. And another set of great pictures!

  2. Hi Denise
    Yes it ws a great series, I loved Tales of the green valley too. Hoping the entire set will end up in my Christmas stocking this year!