Saturday, 18 July 2009

Inside a different chicken coop

I recently made a visit to the Wernlas Collection in Onibury,Nr Ludlow, Shropshire. It is a unique and beautiful collection , showing off some of the many rare and stunning breeds of poultry. I was amazed to see so many different varieties on display. Some were beautiful, others not quite so. They ranged in size from something similar to a pigeon to a small dog. But they all had a fascinating history dating back for centuries and spanning many countries. It really is a fantastic place to go if you are into something a bit different.

The place is run by Sue and Shaun Hammon who have been running the collection for over 24 years. I will be going back soon to take more photographs for some articles I am working on at present, but I could not resist taking these snaps, despite the torrential rain. The chickens certainly looked more presentable than I did once I had finished!

It is well worth a visit if you are in the area as it truly is an interesting place to go, just try and choose decent weather as I found a lot of them hiding in their coops and most reluctant to come and say hello when it was raining so hard.


Dorking - A very old English breed

The tiny and very cute, Gold Seabright

The White Jersey Giant
The name speaks for itself, they were massive!

The Black Jersey Giant

The Appenzeller Spitzhauben
I wonder what they were saying, certainly curious looking little creatures.

All details for the Wernlas Collection can be found on their website on


  1. Hi, Di, the chickens look amazing! I bet it's a wonderful place. Good luck with your articles!

    Julie xx

  2. Hi Julie

    Thank you, I certainly have some interesting little characters to write about. I wish I could have one of each for my own and it's a shame I will not be able to include a lot of them as they are all stunning little creatures.

  3. You worked at Blists Hill? What were you involved in? Very envious! Carole.