Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The perfect pet

If you are looking for the perfect pet, then why not consider keeping a few chickens? Dogs can be demanding, cats can be very independent and hamsters just run round in circles or sleep all day. A hen, however can give you so much more for such a small outlay.

And of course we are not only gorgeous to look at, we are intelligent, amusing and give you something back in the way of fresh eggs every day.

Our needs are simple. Good housing does not have to be expensive. You can opt for the secure unit with run, make your own, or even go for the modern look in the form of the eglu from

Secure unit with a run or an old dog kennel

It's nice to be free range and roam where ever we want, but if you are pushed for space even a small area that we can scratch in and have a dust bath will be sufficient.

The main thing is that we are shut up safe and cosy at night time.

We need access to a little mixed corn or layers pellets. Make sure food is suspended above the ground to avoid attracting rats or mice.

The same applies to fresh water

You can make our pen interesting by fitting a perch which is good for our feet, and enough room to stretch our wings.

So for very little effort, you get a lot back in return

We are very sociable creatures, which makes us an ideal pet. We are always keen to join in with your leisure activities.

Where's my wine gone?

So why not give a hen a home, you won't regret it.


  1. Right dear, just expand this a bit and you have a fully illustrated 'how to' article! Now I challenge you to place it somewhere. The Lady?

  2. Hi Simon,
    Well I'm always up for a challenge, it would be rude not to accept, yes, I'll give it a go.

  3. Best of luck with this venture Di. I wish we had a garden and then we could enjoy the fun of owning chickens.

    Good old Simon is forever encouraging us.

    Best wishes