Sunday, 10 May 2009

Blodwyn - The shining flower

Once upon a time there were four little hens called Blodwyn, Braith, Bethan and Bronwen.
They lived in a world without any colour after an evil spell had been cast over the garden where they lived.

The grass had no taste, because it had no colour.

The birds didn't sing, because they had no colour to lift their spirits.

And the flower maiden was sad because there were no colourful flowers.

One day a fairy came and spoke to Blodwyn. She told her what she had to do to break the spell.

She told Blodwyn that she had to kiss the grey frog, just when he wasn't expecting it and the spell would break. So Blodwyn set out to find him.

After days of searching for him, at last she found him.

She waited for a few moments and when he was least expecting it, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.
She was so nervous at what would happen next, she turned and tucked her head under her wing

But when she looked back round, everything had changed. The colour had come back to the garden.

The grass was an emerald green, and it tasted delicious.

Flowers bloomed all over the garden.

Now they had colour, all the little hens were happy again.

And the frog was happy too.

All because of Blodwyn - The shining flower.


  1. I'm sure children would love this, Diane.
    Carole x

  2. Absolutely! Isobel thought it was great!

  3. Hello Carole and Julie. It's another world inside and out of that chicken coop!

    I had so much fun doing this one, glad you all enjoyed it, especially Isobel.


  4. I was spellbound through all of this. You truly have a wonderful talent.

    Best wishes



  5. Dear Fee,
    It's the girls, they are truly magical and inspire me.
    Thank you so much

  6. Di your garden is magical - thank you for sharing it
    Sue xx