Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Snow hen

What's all this white stuff in our coop? My feet are cold. She obviously didn't put enough bedding down for us last night.

Don't know, but at least it hasn't
got to our breakfast.

Hello, who are you? Is that one of my tail feathers? Mmm that carrot looks tasty.

Although, I think there is something more interesting just here.

We're off, there's too much snow around here.

Hmph who ruffled their feathers? Such light weights, a bit of cold weather and they can't cope. Never mind with more snow forecast, this time tomorrow I'll be twice the size I am today! I'll show them who rules the roost then.


  1. Simon, I thought I would give them a chance to speak for a change.

  2. I love the snow hen it looks so real. Best wishes to you Di. Your blog cheers me up.


  3. Di, I think you've just stumbled upon a huge merchandising opportunity. When does "Cluckey the Hen" go into production?