Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Battery Hen Welfare Trust

It just goes to show what happens when you give a hen the free range - they end up taking over my blog! I am sure they will make another appearance in the future as they are always clucking over something and like to share their opinions.

Exciting news with 'One Hundred Ways for a Chicken to Train its Human'. In January this year the Battery Hen Welfare Trust contacted me. They have included my book in their supporter packs.

They are a wonderful charity and work so hard to getting a better future for the millions of battery hens. They run a brilliant adoption scheme and so far have re-homed 123,550 hens into new and loving homes. Their website is great and well worth looking at, especially if you are thinking of keeping a few hens. http://www.bhwt.org.uk/

I will certainly be supporting them in the future, I love the idea of giving an ex battery hen a home, but have to be careful with my existing clan. Hens can be aggressive with new stock so I will have to introduce them gradually. In the meantime I shall be preparing a separate run so they will be able to see each other through the fence and get aquainted. Fingers crossed there will not be any 'fowl play'.



  1. Dear Di

    I love your amusing blog. Your hens cetainly cheer me up.

    I had hoped to see the snow hen grow but alas that has not materialised.

    I love doing things for charity whether it is raising money or like you raising awareness of their existence I had no idea such an organisation existed for battery hens.

    Looking forward to hearing more from the hens



  2. I found an article in the Sun about rescued battery hens. Someone was rescuing them without feathers on and people were knitting jumpers for them.

    It just shows how kind people can be.

    Best wishes.


  3. What brilliant news! What more could a loving new owner of an ex-battery hen want than your book? A perfect eggs-ample of how writers should eggs-trapolate all the eggs-celent ways of marketing their books!

    Well done Di!

  4. Trust Simon LOL

    If you need a knitter I am on hand too.

    Best wishes. Hope you have a large transporter for Saturday with Julie and my work!! Only joking.

    Best wishes