Sunday, 3 March 2013

When is a herb bed not a herb bed? When it just looks like one

At last I finally managed to get the hens out of my herb bed.  I made them a bed that looks like a herb bed except there are no herbs!  Last year they were drawn to it every time I let them have a roam.  They pecked at my parsley, marched right over my marjoram, crushed my coriander and scratched  my sage right out of the ground! I realised this year I had to so something to stop them

Despite  the picture of Charity leaping out of the non-herb bed, they did all stay there for hours. It was great to see them having a dust bath and enjoying the Spring sunshine without inflicting torment on my poor herbs. 

So now at  last they can grow again while the girls enjoy an almost free range of my garden!


  1. Reverse psychology - I like it!

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