Monday, 12 March 2012

The most beautiful view of all

I went on a beautiful walk this morning. I saw stunning stately homes situated in acres of rolling green pasture and park land.

I enjoyed bird song as I walked the old bridle path, not meeting another person on my entire journey.

I delighted in the far reaching views ahead and wondered what secrets the old walled garden in front of me kept locked inside it's walls.

I saw sparkling cascades and rivers that flowed through stunning woodland.

I crossed the bridge over the river and it felt like I was entering another kingdom.

Because that was when I saw the most beautiful view of all. Well over 1000 little hens enjoying the spring sunshine.

To see these little hens enjoying freedom was so wonderful, I just wish all the hens in the world could live like this.


  1. Not saying that I'm jealous of the lovely walks you have available to you, Diane, but...I'm jealous!!!!

    Thank you for the lovely pictures - especially those happy hens! x

    1. Hi Denise, yes, the views were stunning and glad you liked those little hens. I have never seen so many in one area before. T
      hey were so interested in us too, it really touched me seeing them like this. x

  2. What a great post and yes free the chickens from those awful battery farm places. I actually did a summer job way back in my distant youth in one of those overcrowded, under lit, smelly places. Trouble is people want cheap eggs and the chcickens pay the price.

    1. Hi Rob, yes, if only all the chickens could live like this, I wish people would change their views and not always go for the cheaper option. To see those little hens running free and then supplying us with eggs is such a wonderful feeling and they taste so much better.