Monday, 31 October 2011

Scream if you dare!

"Hey, look at this place, it looks interesting."

"I think we should go in."

"Not sure about this, it says 'KEEP OUT."

"Rubbish, I will go in! No body scares me! "

"What's that noise? I can hear something coming!"

"Here we go again Blodwyn - more spooks trying to scare us."

"We'll show them - BOOOOH!!

"Aghhhhh, that's so scary! Did you see that? It went for me and the other one ate a whole worm in one go! I'm off."

"That's better now we can get on with with our fun without all these silly spooks trying to enter our coop"


  1. I would of gone in, but I'm just too 'chicken' :)

  2. Was that what they call 'Henoween'?