Monday, 25 April 2011

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

'Hey Girls! The Easter Bunny said we can start the great Egg hunt.'

'Come on, there must be some around here!'

'Found one! It's an odd shape though, still as long as it tastes good. Now how do I get it out of there?'

'Help, help! I would rather go into a chocolate fondue than end up in that beak!'

'Phew, that was close, safe at last!'

'Look at this! A golden egg that's very special.'
I wonder what Gold tastes like?

'I love these mini eggs, wonder how many I can get into my mouth in one go!'

'Well Thumper, that's it for another year. You can have all the eggs those hens never found. I spent hours hiding them and they only found a handful. Too busy scoffing them I guess.

Happy Easter folks!

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  1. A very happy Easter to you too, Di. Loved the photographs as ever. Hugs..