Monday, 14 February 2011

Clucky in Love!

'Whoohoo! I got a Valentine card! Wonder who it's from?

'I got roses, how romantic is that? I can't see a message anywhere though. I wonder who sent them?

'Yum! Stuff the romance! You can't eat cards or roses and I dont care where they came from - just give me chocolate!'

Happy Valentine's Day from Inside the Chicken Coop!



  1. Awh, I bet they enjoyed their Valentine's Day!

  2. Here's hoping you had a lovely 'Valhentine's' Day:-)

  3. Oh they did Julie, I think it's gone to their heads though getting all those goodies!xx

    Hi Gary - I did have a lovely day, thank you. It was so much fun with the chucks then I had a nice dinner. xx

  4. DI! Your last comment sounds horrible 'so much fun with the chucks and then I had a nice dinner!'

    Thankfully, I know you and that all of your chickens are still running around!

  5. Oh no, that does look awful Simon. No the girls are still happily ruling the roost and nowhere near a pot!

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